The Journey

The Pregnancy Tracker that creates a more informed pregnancy journey

In a few minutes a day, Moms can track daily vitals, symptoms and keep records of their pregnancy using The Journey. This data is shared to your care provider and allows her to react faster and be more informed about your pregnancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use The Journey app to manage your healthcare from positive pregnancy test through post-partum recovery

Once you get a positive pregnancy test, download the app and start tracking your symptoms and vitals.  While you can start using the app anytime during your pregnancy, we recommend using The Journey from positive pregnancy test all the way through your postpartum recovery.  

We recommend you use The Journey daily so you can provide a complete picture of your pregnancy health to your provider.  

Ask your healthcare providers if they use The Journey Clinic Software.  If they do, you can link your Journey with your care team so they can monitor your progress between appointments.  If your provider does not yet have The Journey Clinic Software you can export your data as a PDF at anytime.

Absolutely.  It's easy and only takes a moment to export your data to a PDF file on your mobile device.  

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